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Automation Design Ontario

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Automation Systems Ontario

APEX Automation Design based out of Collingwood Ontario provides a full service mechanical  design solution.  The above image is a Servo Applicator Dial that provides positional accuracy of 0.001″ while applicating on a rotary dial.  With it’s Light Curtain safety system an operator will unload finished products and loads new product to be processed.  Each of the 12 fixtures has dual servos and vacuum clamping. The product goes thru a series of processes, check and before returning to the operator.  The 12 position indexing dial also has servo positioning to allow for dial positions for processing and for maintenance.  The applicator is also on a linear servo drive that provides increased accuracy and positional control. The station is designed on a robust frame to allow for ease of transport.    The main panel is on a separate stand but all the servo controllers are mounted on slide out shelves below the table top.  The process looks complicated but we broke down the key elements down to an individual station that once combined provide a high quality finish.  All in all the results were outstanding and will provided long term flexibility due to it’s servo programmable control.  If you have any products that you need an automated system designed, please contact us today.